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Materials + Care


To sustain the look and finish of your throw, very light brushing in the direction of the fibre with a clothes brush is recommended. Due to the nature of cashmere + lambswool being natural fibres, there may be occasional pilling over time. The best treatment for this is to use a pilling comb to carefully remove any fibre pills.

Our recycled blankets are woven from recycled wool, made from post-consumer textile waste from the fashion industry. Used wool garments are sorted by colour, broken down and re-spun into yarns, woven and hand-finished using traditional techniques in British mills. This process can result in small imperfections and colour variabilities, which are unavoidable and part of the uniqueness of a sustainable material.

Due to the fine nature of the textiles, all our products are recommended as dry clean only. If there are stubborn stains, dab gently with a moist, clean cloth and press out any excess dampness, avoid rubbing as this could ruin fibres. As an addition, you can also press your blanket with a cool iron over some tissue paper.