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From the get go we’ve tried to be conscious of how we produce. We don’t have all the answers but we continue to educate ourselves and look for the best methods in producing our work in an ethical & sustainable way.
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Our story

Granite + Smoke celebrates the bold and colourful, focuses on local and British craftsmanship and aims to produce sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment. Our luxury throws & cushions are woven on Jacquard looms in limited runs in Scotland & the UK, made with premium and sustainable materials and hand finished by specialists to the highest standards. Each product we make has a joyful narrative inspired by our interests in abstract elements, contemporary art & architecture. Colour is an integral part of our designs, each combination is carefully considered to have a positive and happy effect. Our aim is to bring well-crafted, guilt free homewares with an optimistic aesthetic that will brighten up your home.

Designed in London and Aberdeen, Granite + Smoke was founded in 2019 by long-time friends Lindsey Hesketh & Claire Canning. Both with backgrounds in design, Lindsey in Architecture and Claire in Interiors and Textiles.  Drawing on their combined, multi-disciplinary backgrounds and with a shared passion for fun graphic and modern design, they set up their own studio with a focus on sustainably made, beautifully crafted products produced in the UK.

Lindsey, after a long stint in London, now lives and works in Aberdeen, known as the ‘Granite City’. Claire lives and works in London, the ‘Big Smoke’. These two elements, Granite + Smoke, symbolise what the brand stands for:

old and new | heavy and light | architecture and textiles | form and joyfulness

Heritage & sustainability

Our Scottish throws are made using the finest, ethically sourced cashmere and marino wool. Working with experts in historical weaving at a mill dating back to 1866 in Scotland. Taking time to make sure the end product is the very best it can be, each blankets goes through twelve processes using a combination of traditional techniques with cutting edge production to create contemporary, high quality luxury textiles which are made to last.

Our recycled lamb’s wool blankets are woven at a 150 year old mill in the North of England, the mill is the last remaining traditional weaver in a town that in the late 1920s boasted over 100,000 looms.


Recycled lamb’s wool:

Our yarns are made with 100% recycled post-consumer textile waste from the fashion industry; 70% recycled lambs wool + 30% recycled
other yarns. By recycling & trying to close the loop of fashion waste we wanted to make high quality products with a longer life span. Worldwide, 25 million tons of clothing go to landfill every year. Circular production and textile recycling reduces the use of precious raw materials, reduces increased landfill and generates new jobs.

Merino wool:

100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, our ethically sourced merino wool and cashmere is certified and meets the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental care, and social sustainability. We work with accredit suppliers from leading organisations like Sustainable Fibre Alliance to ensure our wool is held to high standards of farming, land management and animal welfare and produced in a sustainable and ethical way. Our merino wool is certified by & traced directly from Australia and some parts of New Zealand, sourced from farms that are committed to the best practices in terms of land and animal welfare is mulesing free.


Our paper & packaging is made from 100% recycled and is recyclable. We’ve eliminated plastic from our production and packaging process and our Gots organic cotton dust bags are made to protect & extend the life span or your product. We’ve minimized the amount of material used in our packaging and focused on eliminating manufacturing waste.

Mindful manufacturing 

We are committed to preserving traditional crafts and skills working with Scottish and UK manufactures, embedding positive social and environmental principles. We partner with manufactures where environmental impact is embedded into their business model, who support local supply chains, prioritising communities and workers wellbeing with fair trade principles at the heart of production process. Promoting fair working conditions, human rights, pay and more. 

We limit our waste by only weaving short runs & collecting all excess weaving salvage to turn into other products.