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by Granite + Smoke

'YCSWU' Bennachie recycled wool blanket


Double sided blanket woven from recycled wool.  

2LG x Granite+Smoke have collaborated on a range of blankets and sustainable homewares. With a sense of playfulness and inclusivity at the heart of the partnership, the designs embody a mutual passion for colour, craftsmanship and sustainability.

The foundation of the project are the wool blankets, made from 100% recycled post-consumer textile waste were used wool garments are sorted by colour, broken down and re-spun into yarns. 

170cm x 152cm

Colour | blues, pinks, oranges, lilacs

Material | 70% recycled wool + 30% recycled other yarns

Made in England in limited runs

Our recycled wool blankets are made at a historic, 150 year old mill in the North of England. Woven on Jacquard looms and hand finished by specialists, they are high quality, double sided mid weight throws made from 100% recycled post-consumer textile waste; 70% recycled wool + 30% recycled other yarns - used wool garments are sorted by colour, broken down and re-spun into yarns. The bold, graphic patterns are inspired by London's architectural landscape and modernist colours.

We offer free shipping in the UK. Please contact us directly at for all International shipping enquiries or if item is out of stock for future availability / pre-orders.

Due to the fine nature of the textiles, all our products are recommended as dry clean only. If there are stubborn stains, dab gently with a moist, clean cloth and press out any excess dampness, avoid rubbing as this could ruin fibres. As an addition, you can also press your blanket with a cool iron over some tissue paper.